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The Chalumeau is an antique woodwind instrument, preceding the actual clarinet composed of an appproximately cylindrical bore and a mouthpiece with a single reed. The acoustic properties of both, chalumeaux and clarinets, each behaving like a cylindrical pipe closed and one end, result in the instruments overblowing at the twelth, meaning that the upper register sounds one octave and a perfect fifth higher than the lower. This is in contrast to the most other woodwind instruments, wich overblow at the octave, The Chalumeau designed and developed by Sans Luthier is available in olive wood, fitted with Medir reeds, nowadays one of the best reeds that can be found on the market and recognized by the most outstanding performers.

Its length is 33 cm, it has 7 holes on the superior part and one hole on the inferior part. The fingering chart is similar to the German flute fingering chart.

The Chalumeua comes with a nylon protection bag with zip closing. It includes a complete clarinet mouthpiece with reed, replacement reeds, grease stick for the cork and fingering chart.

Wood: Olivewood

Tuning: C


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