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The Clariphone is a woodwind instrument with one simple reed, invented, designed and manufactured by Sans Luthier and fitted with Medir reeds, nowadays one of the best reeds that can be found on the market, recognized by the most outstanding performers. It is an evolution from the Chalumeau without keys, in which the fingering chart is modified, increasing the range of more than two octaves and a half, from B -1 to G2, inspired in the Italian Ciaramella and the Catalan Flabiol, adding one hole reachable with the small finger of the left hand. This is an intuitive and very handy instrument easy to play and to handle. It is composed by a wooden body and a clarinet mouthpiece.
This instrument has a warm and sweet sound, designed for musicians who play woodwind instruments, especially clarinet and saxophone lovers and all the curious people who would like to discover this wonderful instrument.
The Clariphone or Ciaramella, similar to the clarinet, is an instrument with a cylindrical interior. It is 33 cm long, has 8 holes on the superior part and one in the inferior part. The nylon zipper-bag includes complete mouthpiece, replacement reed, cork grease and fingering chart flyer.

wood: olivewood



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