Product no.: WNAF002-0004 (Scale: Scale C)
CHF 70.00
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These loveflutes have a beautiful sound and are very easy to play. They are crafted by hand in South America. The tunings are based on a pentatonic scale. Each flute comes with a bag.

There are different tunings available: G / F / E / C / B / G






soundsample_loveflute_g bass

Selection: Loveflute

Product no. Scale Price
WNAF002-0001 Scale G CHF 40.00 *
WNAF002-0002 Scale F CHF 50.00 *
WNAF002-0003 Scale E CHF 60.00 *
WNAF002-0004 Scale C CHF 70.00 *
WNAF002-0005 Scale B CHF 80.00 *
WNAF002-0006 Scale G. CHF 120.00 *
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