Shrutibox 3 octaves

Shrutibox 3 octaves

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This Shrutibox model has a tonal range of rows of 36 chromatic semitones, which can be opened separately and thus can be combined in whatever way you like. The 3 Octaves are related to the male, bass and female registers of a Harmonium; A# - a'' (A#2 - A5 in scientific terms). The deep octave from A2 to G#3 is positioned on the top, below there is the medium octave from A3 to G#4 and the third row is the high octave from A4 to G#5. This Shrutibox is especially for professional musicians and Sound Therapists. Thus is becomes possible, e.g. when playing individual notes or entire chords of the basic octave starting from A2, to play octaves, fifths and fourths from both higher octaves simultaneously, simulating the basic principles of the harmonic series in this way. Any other imaginable combination of the 36 available chromatic notes can be played as well, of course. The larger bellows volume of the big belows provides a very stable sonorous sound. Thus the sound will be very consistent even when the bellows movements are irregular and it will go on resonating for a while on its own after the bellows movements have stopped. A stable sound is also achieved by slow and even pumping when several valves are open. The frame is made of solid wood whereas the bellows wings are made of laminated wood.

Size: H 33 cm - W 41 cm - D 10 cm Weight: 4 kilo



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