Bowring Foot Pedal

Bowring Foot Pedal

Product no.: M0200
CHF 219.00
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The Bowring foot pedal offers the perfect solution for hands-free playing of our Shruti Boxes, opening up new musical possibilities for string, wind, handpan and percussion instrument players. Invented in 2012 by engineer and musical instrument maker Richard Bowring, and co-developed with our input, this precision accessory has proved to be a practical and reliable match for our Shruti Boxes. It is easy and satisfying to play, with smooth control of loudness and sustain.

Folded the foot pedal measures 22cm x 9cm x 3cm and weighs 600g

There are 3 different sizes available small 60 cm, medium 90 cm or big 120 cm, depending if you want it standing on the floor, table etc.

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