Cimbels - Tingsha

Cimbels - Tingsha

Product no.: B040

Metal hand cimbels attached with a leather string


There are four different designs:


Astamangala: the eight auspicious symbols are in buddhist tradition known as the symbols of good fortune and represent the offerings, presented by the great Vedic gods to Shakyamuni Buddha upon his attainment of enlightenment


Mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum, hail the jewel in the lotus, is a six syllable invocation (mantra) of Avlokiteswara, the protector and savior of danger


Dragon: The dragon is in Tibetan tradition an auspicious creature of great creative power

and natural


Size: 7 cm diameter, 2 cm high


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B040-0001 Natural CHF 38.00 *
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B040-0002 Astamangala CHF 38.00 *
B040-0003 Mantra CHF 38.00 *
B040-0004 Dragon CHF 38.00 *
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