Bamboo and Wood Saxophone

Bamboo and Wood Saxophone


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Xaphoon Pocket Sax

Product no.: WR055

CHF 84.00 *
In Stock

Bamboo Xaphoon Maui Xaphoon C

Product no.: WR065

CHF 109.00 *
In Stock

Bamboo Saxophone Maui Xaphoon Bb

Product no.: WR070

CHF 119.00 *
In Stock

Xaphoon de Catalunya

Product no.: WR079

from CHF 180.00 *
In Stock


Product no.: WR0020

CHF 160.00 *
In Stock

Chalumeau 3 Keys

Product no.: WR035

CHF 420.00 *
In Stock

Bamboo Saxophone

Product no.: WR040

from CHF 390.00 *
In Stock

Duduk A

Product no.: WSX001

CHF 320.00 *
In Stock

Mouthpiece for Duduk

Product no.: WI100

CHF 35.00 *
In Stock

Medir Reed 2.5

Product no.: WR038

CHF 2.50 *
In Stock

Tenor Reeds

Product no.: WR100

CHF 5.00 *
In Stock

Flute Bag with Handle

Product no.: WNAF199

from CHF 18.00 *
In Stock
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