Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have a magical alivness, and they interact in distinct ways with different people and enviroment when palyed. All our Singing bowls are handcrafted by different makers, each bowl has a unique voice. Comprised of the seven metals, representing different planetary influences: Gold = Sun, Silver = Moon, Mercury = Mercury,Copper = Venus, Iron = Mars, Tin = Jupiter and Lead = Saturn.

Our Singing bowls are choosen carefully one by one by sound, to assure you a good quality. Singing bowls are sold by weight. To make it more easy for the webshop, we have given you a choice of different price categories. You are also most welcome to choose your Singing bowl personally in our warehouse, if ordered through the web, we give you our garanty to choose a good bowl for you.

We have Singing bowls up to 10 k

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Singing bowls

Product no.: SB004

from CHF 39.00 *

Giftbox Singing Bowl White

Product no.: SB006

CHF 69.00 *

Gift Pack Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB002

CHF 79.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB010

CHF 60.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB011

CHF 80.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB012

CHF 100.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB013

CHF 120.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB014

CHF 150.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB015

CHF 180.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB016

CHF 200.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB017

CHF 250.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB018

CHF 300.00 *

Singing Bowl

Product no.: SB019

CHF 350.00 *

Root Chakra Singing Bowl C

Product no.: SB051

Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl D

Product no.: SB055

Heart Chakra Singing Bowl F

Product no.: SB065

Throat Chakra Singing Bowl G

Product no.: SB071

Crown Chakra Singing Bowl B

Product no.: SB080

Wooden Stick

Product no.: SB200

CHF 5.00 *

Small Leather Stick

Product no.: SB210

CHF 10.00 *

Middle Leather Stick

Product no.: SB220

CHF 12.00 *

Big Leather Stick

Product no.: SB230

CHF 18.00 *

Leather Stick Large

Product no.: SB240

CHF 24.00 *

White Filt Beater

Product no.: SB250

CHF 18.00 *

Red Beater

Product no.: SB260

CHF 20.00 *

White Beater

Product no.: SB255

from CHF 20.00 *

Big Beater

Product no.: SB290

CHF 45.00 *

Mandala Cushion

Product no.: SB300

CHF 8.00 *

Singing Bowl Cushio Square

Product no.: SB305

CHF 12.00 *

Big Flat Cushion

Product no.: SB310

CHF 15.00 *

Filled Mandala Cushion

Product no.: SB330

CHF 12.00 *

Carved Singing bowl

Product no.: SB153

Fullmoon Lingam Singing Bowls

Product no.: SB110

Fullmoon Singing Bowls

Product no.: SB100

Big Singing Bowls

Product no.: SB160

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