The Zenko is a Metal Sounds original creation. It offers an alternative and/or an extension to the handpan Spacedrum®. This tongue drum comes with several ranges, scales and pitches.

Zenko, which is entierely manufactured in France, is an intuitive percussion melodic instrument that is assembled by 2 stainless steel shells that are welded together. It can be played by hand or with mallets, specially designed for it and furnished along with the instrument

Zenko has a full rich variety of sounds. Thanks to a perfect fine tuning it plays fascinating melodies. This percussion suits perfectly to relaxation purposes, music-therapy practice and music workshops for the youngests.

Metal Sounds has been specialized since 2005 in metal-made musical instruments design and manufacture up to a worldwide reputation regarding the quality and the innovation of our steel tongue drums. When you buy a Metal Sounds musical instrument you’re 100 % sure to be satisfied!

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Zenko Akebono

Product no.: Z020

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko C pentatonic

Product no.: Z010

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Celtic Minor

Product no.: Z0100

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Combo

Product no.: Z0101

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Equinox

Product no.: Z030

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Harmony

Product no.: Z050

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Ionian

Product no.: Z001

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Omega

Product no.: Z080

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Pygmy

Product no.: Z070

CHF 390.00 *

Zenko Solstice

Product no.: Z060

CHF 390.00 *
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