RAV Vast

RAV Vast

RAV Vast is a metal drum with perfectly cut steel tongues and a unique sound.

RAV was invented by a Russian engineer, Andrey Remyannikov in 2013, inspired by handpans, and turned out to become inimitable among other similar instruments. RAV has a hypnotic, tranquil, meditative, mystical sound and because of this and its from is called spacedrum or a UFO drum.

These instruments give an easy access to creating music to everyone. Both, beginners and professionals are never bored with RAV. Vast variety of scales leaves no one untouched, everyone will find a tuning to their taste. Specially selected notes in each scale make the process of improvisation and songwriting easier. No more stressful memorizing of notes, chords and musical theory. You can start playing right away and as you grow, your RAV will revolve its potential.

Today there are many different RAV Vast scales. Each scale represents a certain mood, inspired by a certain culture or harmony.

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RAV Vast 2 D Celtic Minor

Product no.: RV020

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Celtic minor

Product no.: RV015

CHF 840.00 *

RAV Vast D Major

Product no.: RV060

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Celtic double ding

Product no.: RV030

CHF 1,020.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Kurd double ding

Product no.: RC090

CHF 1,020.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Rus

Product no.: RV 160

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 C Golden Gate

Product no.: RV110

CHF 900.00 *

RAV Vast 2 C Golden Arcadia

Product no.: RV120

CHF 900.00 *

RAV Vast G Minor Pentatonic

Product no.: RV010

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast G Pygmy

Product no.: RV050

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 Arabian Night

Product no.: RV100

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Integral

Product no.: RV070

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Major

Product no.: RV150

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Onoleo

Product no.: RV130

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast 2 B Pygmy

Product no.: RV140

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast A Integral

Product no.: RV080

CHF 850.00 *

RAV Vast E Low Pygmy

Product no.: RV 040

CHF 1,080.00 *
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