Spacedrum & Nitro

The intuitive handpans SPACEDRUM® and Nitro from Metal Sounds, made in France

As desires and needs of eachone are different, Metal Sounds decided to offer 2 specific lines of handpans:
- The Spacedrum Evolution® is made of stainless steel. After a long period of acoustic improvements and many hours of hammering they offer now the 5th generation. It's a very specifictype of handpan, very easy to play, powerfull and with a long sustain. This is the perfect handpan for music-therapy and relaxation purposes.
- The Spacedrum Nitro® is made of nitrided steel and sounds totally different. This kind of handpan is designed for musicians, percussionists and all the people who want to groove with music. The sound is soft and round, the timbre is accurate and it offers a large panel of percussive technics, in a soft or dynamic way.

The manufacturing quality and the fine tuning of our handpans, as for the diversity of the scales catalog (pentatonic, diatonic, harmonized) are making of the Spacedrum a worldwide recognized and appreciated musical instrument.

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