Spacedrum Nitro

Spacedrum Nitro

The Spacedrum NITRO® is a new step in the handpan manufacturing by Metal Sounds. Its name comes from the material that is used to build it: nitrided steel (classic steel treated with nitrogen).

Why the Spacedrum NITRO® is different from the other nitrided steel handpans? Most of the makers buy shaped and treated shells from the same suppliers. That's easy and convenient for them but the final acoustic result is always pretty much the same, very standardized. It's difficult for these makers to give a soul to their handpans as they depend on a material and a shape that they don't control. As a matter of fact, the material's selection is essential to give a specific timbre to a handpan. However, if the material, the shaping and the heat treatment process are important, the quality will also come from the way a maker is defining and controling the mecanic and vibrating characteristics of the metal sheets. Therefore, the craftman can create its own sounding signature and knows how to duplicate it. His know-how and his passion will give at the end a real piece of soul to every instrument.

The Spacedrum NITRO® has all the assets of a high quality handpan. It's a well-balanced musical instrument, with a mastered sustain, a wide dynamic range and very few cross-talk effect in between each note. It's designed to be hit with power and offers a large spectrum of velocity.

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Spacedrum Nitro 9 notes - AMARA Dm

Product no.: HPN10

CHF 1,920.00 *

Spacedrum Nitro 9 notes - SONORO - Dm

Product no.: HPN20

CHF 1,920.00 *

Spacedrum Nitro 9 notes - CELTIC - Dm

Product no.: HPN30

CHF 1,920.00 *

Spacedrum Nitro 9 notes - EQUINOX - Fm

Product no.: HPN40

CHF 1,920.00 *
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