MAG Handpan

Not long time ago in a far-far small country, Hungary, in a picturesque city, Győr, four handpan-lover boys started to follow their dreams and create their own instrument. After 3 years of challenging searching, exploring and experimenting they ended up to make their own metal sound sculpture, the MAG handpan… thanks to their efforts and enthusiasm for today the MAG handspans are one of the highest quality instruments of the world… and their story is continuing…

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MAG B-Amara

Product no.: MAG001

CHF 2,200.00 *

MAG E-Amara

Product no.: MAG002

CHF 2,200.00 *
In Stock

MAG D-Amara

Product no.: MAG003

CHF 2,350.00 *
In Stock

MAG C# Annaziska

Product no.: MAG004

CHF 2,200.00 *
In Stock
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