Classic Bali Steel Pan

Classic Bali Steel Pan

This Instrument is a voice in the steel pan family. It is made to play with your hands and fingers. It is constructed from tempered steel. These hand pans are completely shaped by hand on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

The Bali Steel Pan includes nine notes (except Ake Bono): A note in the middle and eight notes spread in a circle. 8 notes are distributed to play the range alternating left hand and right hand. With using the whole hand, or just a single tap of the fingers, the possibilities are endless.

We have many Bali Steel Pans in stock, that you can try in our warehouse. We are happy to show you the playing technique, if you are new to the handpan playing.

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Handpan D-Minor

Product no.: BSP010

CHF 750.00 *
Old Price CHF 1,370.00

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Handpan Bag

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CHF 80.00 *
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