Wooden and Tunable

Wooden and Tunable

All our wood didgeridoos are from certified wood.

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Didgeridoo Mahagony

Product no.: WTD100

from CHF 220.00 *

Didgeridoo Hibiscus

Product no.: WTD110

CHF 320.00 *

Didgeridoo Sabo

Product no.: WTD120

CHF 350.00 *

Spiral Didgeridoo

Product no.: Di090

CHF 98.00 *

S-shape Didgeridoo

Product no.: Di100

CHF 98.00 *

Slide Didgeridoo

Product no.: Di045

CHF 89.00 *

Didgeridoo Bag

Product no.: DO320

CHF 60.00 *
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