New Bali Steel Pan

New Bali Steel Pan

New model since 2017: This Instrument is a new voice in the steel pan family. It is made to play with your hands, on the lap. It is constructed from tempered steel. These hand pans are completely shaped by hand on the island of Bali, Indonesia. We have been working lots on improving the sound of the highest notes. Tuning a major 3rd into them witch makes the octave come out more strongly as well. This also improves the sound of the lower notes because of sympathetic resonance. So now when you hit a lower note the sound is much fuller because you are hearing 6 tuned harmonics.

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BSP D Major

Product no.: NBSP006

BSP Baru D

Product no.: NBSP005

BSP Integral

Product no.: NBSP003

BSP Mixo

Product no.: NBSP004

BSP Dominant 7

Product no.: NBSP001

BSP F Minor

Product no.: NBSP007

BSP F# Minor

Product no.: NBSP008


Product no.: NBSP020

CHF 250.00 *


Product no.: BSP200

BSP stand

Product no.: BSP250

CHF 60.00 *

Handpan Oil

Product no.: BSP1000

from CHF 18.00 *
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