Here we offer djembés in various sizes: for children, schools to professional players. Our djembés from Africa are of exeptional high quality. And we are happy that for each drum we sell, one tree of the same variety has been planted in West Africa, Mali.

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Professional Djembe from Ivory Cost

Product no.: DR012

CHF 300.00 *

Professional Djembe from Guinea

Product no.: DR014

CHF 450.00 *

Djembe Bag black

Product no.: DR091

from CHF 70.00 *

Djembe Hat

Product no.: DR080

CHF 15.00 *

Djembe Strap Farafina

Product no.: DR086

CHF 15.00 *

Djembe Strap Tubabu

Product no.: DR085

CHF 18.00 *


Product no.: DR100

CHF 900.00 *

New Djembé 40 cm

Product no.: DR199

CHF 80.00 *
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11 - 18 of 18 results